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We are
the lenhofs

We are Ren + Caleb Lenhof. 
We are the husband + wife team behind Studio 29 Photography.

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all about ren lenhof

I am a full-time photographer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. i launched Studio 29 in July of 2010, after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design + Journalism. 

I love tending to our houseplants; we have over 150 in our house!

I love driving & only have ever owned manual transmission cars.

i love marvel movies. iron man is my favorite super hero!

I love interior design; Fun Fact! Our home was featured on West Elm's Blog: Front + Main.

I run the high-traffic lifestyle blog House fur

caleb and i photograph weddings together on the weekends, but I photograph all of the milwaukee family portraits, newborn photography sessions, and branding sessions. 

MEET my better half, caleb

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all about caleb 

During the week, I am an HVAC engineer AND on the weekends I photograph studio 29 photography weddings with Ren. 

I've lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin my entire life. 

My favorite cocktail is a Paper Airplane. (it's delicious, look it up!)

I always beat ren at scrabble and all word games.

I don't play ice hockey, but I am Ren's teams' #1 fan

i am 62% german.

i love working on our home renovation projects.

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The National Concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado brought us together and we've been nearly inseparable ever since. 

After 2 1/2 years of love & laughter Caleb proposed on stage at Turner Hall, a music venue in Milwaukee.
we live with our 2 dogs & 2 cats & 100 houseplants in our newly remodeled 1888 victorian. 
we love minimalism and scandinavian design. 
we've been to iceland 4 times, and even named our gsd
after our favorite city; vík.  

we met at a concert at red rocks

it started when

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Food: Sandwiches
Movie: Fight Club
Life Theme Song: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - Flaming Lips
Spirit Animal: Thor
Ring Tone: Vibrate/silent
Tv Show: 30 Rock or The Simpsons
Fav Lens: 24 -70 mm
Star Wars Character: BB8
Animal: I am not a child, i don't have a favorite animal



Food: hot dogs
Movie: Atomic Blonde
Life Theme Song: Come As You Are - Nirvana
Spirit Animal: Black Beauty
Ring Tone: Kill Bill Theme Song
Tv Show: Seinfeld
Fav Lens: 50 mm
Star Wars Character: R2D2
Animal: Elephant 

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